About me

In my work, I aim to convey the authentic experience of my life as it is being lived, simultaneously engaging with audience members who become active participants in the actual events unfolding. By inviting the public to momentous occasions such as the birth of my son (The Birth of Baby X, 2011), to recontextualizing parenthood as performance art (Raising Baby X, ongoing), to re-enacting my grandfather's funeral and the loss of my virginity, I am saying that human life itself the most valuable work of art, and that our most intriguing performances exist in our real life activities, rituals and accomplishments.

These "Found Performances", as I call them, take place when we are not necessarily aware that we are performing, when we are so engaged in the present moment that we transcend the issues of spectacle that have come to dominate much of contemporary society, and hold onto what is real. In the era of virtual sharing and reality TV, I share my actual experiences through my performances, and make them into art, honoring the cultural value and significance of everyday life.


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