Raising Baby X: Little Brother - Years 1 & 2 (2012-2014, 3:59) (preview)

In "Raising Baby X: Little Brother", Kotak outfits her son Ajax (aka Baby X), with a wearable video camera capturing the intricacies of his early infancy and toddlerhood from his own point-of-view. Ajax’s camera records the actions of everyone around him, including how they interact with and treat him, flipping the traditional viewpoint of early childhood documentation. “Little Brother” has captured everything from bedtime stories, to Ajax’s first time in the ocean, to his first snowstorm, to his first trip to the zoo, all from his own point of view.

Ajax, Stronger Than Dirt! (2012, 1:02)

Dear Friends and Family,
I am so excited to announce to you all Baby Ajax’s new partnership with Colgate-Palmolive. In exchange for their sponsorship of his life for the next 18 years, Ajax has been tattooed with the Ajax logo and will serve as International Ambassador of Goodwill for the Ajax product line. We are very excited about this new venture. Please click on this link to view our new advertisement for Ajax, Stronger than Dirt! Xoxo (April Fools, 2012)

Ajax Visits the Mall Easter Bunny (2012, 1:51)

This video documents Ajax's first easter with his trip to see the mall easter bunny with his grandparents in North Attleboro, MA, my home town. The video is a composite of footage shot from Ajax's "Little Brother" camera, and my camera, with the sound coming from his camera. I hope you enjoy the video, and Happy Easter for you and yours.

Raising Baby X: Project Launch Video (2011, 9:40)

Shown with the launch of the Raising Baby X project, this video outlines the challenges faced by new mother's today in a society that gives a lot of lip service to 'family values' but doesn't provide real support to new mothers. I also discuss the costs of child-rearing today, the lack of paid maternity leave, and why I need to do a project focusing on the raising of Ajax as a work of art.

Playing With Barbies (2012, 2:12)

Created for "The Marni Show" held at Grace Exhibition Space in early 2012, this video discusses my love of playing with Mattel Barbies as a child, mocking YouTube product reviews.

How To French Kiss (2009, 6:56)

Held at Grace Exhibition Space on June 19, 2009, and curated by Jill McDermid as part of the Bushwick Biennial organized by NURTUREart Non-Profit, Inc. This performance was a re-enactment of practicing how to make out with my best friend in the 5th grade, where we covered our mouths with plastic baggies in order to not be “really making out.” Performing in this event with me were Juri Onuki and Nadine Sobel.

S'mores (2009, 2:04)

Performed on September 5, 2009 as part of the 10th Annual Open Art Performance Festival, curated by Jill McDermid and Chen Jin, in Beijing, China. In this performance, I re-enacted a familiar American family ritual of making s’mores around a campfire with the audience of about 100. In a site near a coal transfer station outside the gallery of the Open Art Realization Center, I set up a giant bonfire, and got it burning with the help of the audience who added kindling and fanned the flames. 

My Grandfather's Funeral (2009, 6:17)

Performed at English Kills Gallery on August 29th and 30th, 2009 with a cast of clergy, soldiers and family members. In this piece, I created a re-enactment of my grandfather, Chickie Kotak’s 2005 funeral in Norwood, MA. The piece involved three acts – The Wake, The Funeral and Burial Rites – and approximately 20 performers.

Target (2005, 6:59) 

Target was first performed at Artists Space in November 2005.

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