Happy 10th Birthday, Peacock Racer! (2021)

Happy 10th Birthday, Peacock Racer! was a live birthday party performance event to celebrate the 10th birthday of my son Ajax Kotak Bell as part of “Raising Baby X”, which has grown into a collaboration between mother and son. The festivities included elaborate tracks for Hot Wheels cars designed by Ajax, a peacock balloon arch installation, vegan lunch, cupcakes, and a Halloween pinata. Ajax was dressed as “The Peacock King,” in a costume that he made for himself from cardboard, paper mache, feathers, and fabric. And I was dressed as a pea-hen with my own hand-made costume. The event was held outdoors in front of our Bushwick, Brooklyn home to make accommodations for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All guests were encouraged to come in costume.

This event was held as part of Kotak’s ongoing “Raising Baby X” project in which she recontextualizes the raising of her son as a work of performance art. The culmination of each year of the project is celebrated with an elaborate birthday party performance.

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