Happy 10th Birthday, Peacock Racer! (2021)

Happy 10th Birthday, Peacock Racer! was a live birthday party performance event to celebrate the 10th birthday of my son Ajax Kotak Bell as part of “Raising Baby X”, which has grown into a collaboration between mother and son. The festivities included elaborate tracks for Hot Wheels cars designed by Ajax, a peacock balloon arch installation, vegan lunch, cupcakes, and a Halloween pinata. Ajax was dressed as “The Peacock King,” in a costume that he made for himself from cardboard, paper mache, feathers, and fabric. And I was dressed as a pea-hen with my own hand-made costume. The event was held outdoors in front of our Bushwick, Brooklyn home to make accommodations for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All guests were encouraged to come in costume.

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