CoolCar Cut: Ajax’s Third Birthday Party (2014)

In this performance, held in front of Microscope Gallery in October 2014, I reconstructed the space as a ceremonial stage drawing from cultural traditions, such as the Upsherin, first haircut, in the Jewish tradition, and Las Presentaciones, presentation of the child to God, in Latin America, recognizing the third birthday as the transition from baby to boyhood before members of the community. During the ceremony, Ajax – seated in a golden, kiddie barber chair in the shape of his current favorite thing: a “coolcar” - received his actual first haircut by his parents. A presentation of special gifts, a sing-a-long led by the Beatles cover band The Nerk Twins and a procession around the block with a convertible, go-karts, a toy racecar track and a gold cake in the shape of a car were part of the festivities.

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