Love Masks (2020)

Streamed live online via Microscope Gallery, Love Masks took place in my home, seated in my kitchen listening to the evening news, and sewing masks for my family and others to wear during the COVID-19 pandemic. My mother is a retired nurse who taught me how to sew, and recommended that I make a mask for the safety of myself and my family and some to donate to community members. I decided to make a personalized mask that I would like to wear and see others wearing, one that would spread a message of love, rather than add to the fear and hopeless many are feeling right now.  Each mask, which comes in three variations, features the word “Love” embedded in a lotus flower, a reference to the symbol of the lotus in Buddhism, symbolizing the beauty that emerges from the muck, or deepest challenges in life. Two of the images are prints of pastel drawings by myself and the third is a digital image made by my 8-year-old son, Ajax. Half of all proceeds from the sale of the masks are donated to City Harvest.

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