Mad Meds (2014)

Mad Meds was a durational performance and installation held at Microscope Gallery July 18 through August, 25, 2014, during which I began slowly withdrawing from Wellbutrin, Abilify and Klonopin, medications I was prescribed to cope with postpartum depression after The Birth of Baby X and during a subsequent stay in the psychiatric ward at Beth Israel Hospital. During the show, visitors were welcomed into a waiting area and offered to visit me as I wrote with my left hand in gold pen on a large drawing pad about my process of weening from the meds, and to converse with me about their own experiences with mental health. The exhibition was installation in gold-painted room and featured gold-leafed furniture and imagery of myself and my family in the Tivoli Bays forest around Bard College. There was also a gold-leafed elliptical machine and photo printed yoga mat that I could use to work out my stress and recuperate during the show.

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