Self-Medication (2014)

In Self-Medication, held at the UNTITLED Art Fair Miami Beach, December 3-4, 2014, I invited the public to share in my exploration of good old-fashioned rest and relaxation and friendship as more effective methods of dealing with emotional struggles than pharmaceutical meds. During the performance, wearing a gold bikini, I relaxed on a lounge chair in the sand, snacking on Wellfleet oysters and red wine sangria while a video of myself with family at Lt. Island in Cape Cod projected behind me on a custom-designed windscreen, and classic rock hits play from my portable 80’s vintage ‘ghettoblaster’. Beside me sat an empty lounge chair for anyone in the audience who wanted to take a seat, one at a time. I would reach into my cooler of oysters and sangria, and share them with the public while talking with them about what they are going through in their lives right now, as one would do with close friends.

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