Treehouse (2017)

A solo exhibition held the Microscope Gallery, May 12 – June 18, 2017, Treehouse continued my practice of presenting life as art, this time in the context of a recent and major fire in the mine and my family’s home and art studio, involving substantial losses of possessions, temporary displacement, and a long restoration, testing my sense of security and familial stability. The show included new photographs, paintings, videos, sculpture and a durational performance installation, made in response to the event or its recovery process, as well as a nearly 6 year edited version of Raising Baby X - Years 1-5 (2012-2017).

The durational performance and installation in the show also titled Treehouse was conceived as a gift for my son Ajax and an act of rebellion against a society that tends to undervalue personal time. The large triangular-shaped wood structure – elevated on tree stumps, with chalkboard paint on its interior walls – was proposed as an alternative world for playing games, for making art, and for enjoying each other’s company free from fears and distractions, both immediate and seemingly distant. I was present in the space during the exhibition, at times accompanied by my son and members of the public to set aside time for meaningful endeavors and to contemplate the concepts of love and compassion, beyond their clichés.

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