Welcome to MyHouse (2010)

In order to push the idea that my entire life is performance art further, for the 2010 annual Beta Spaces arts festival in Bushwick, I launched a new project by which I transform my entire living space into MyHouse art space. The project is an ongoing experiment in the use of personal living space as the site for the on-going creation and exhibition of art.

Artists of various media participated in the inaugural show, called Welcome To MyHouse, by creating new site-specific works designed especially for the space (as temporary or permanent installations), or through contributing other previously created relevant works. Participants included: Rob Andrews, Leah Aron & Tymon Mattoszko, Jason Robert Bell, Rodney Dickson, Peter Dobill, David Dostilio, Carl James Ferrero, Jessica Grable, Erik Hokanson, Iwalani Kaluhiokalani, Luisa Kazanas, Marni Kotak, Jill McDermid, Michelle Morby, Joe Nanashe, Sarah Paulson, Melissa Skluzacek, Tescia Seufferlein, Kathleen Vance.

In MyHouse, the dry food products which have been drawn upon by my fiancé are art, as is the rickety antique bed that used to belong to my grandmother and now keeps breaking during sex, the cracks in the linoleum floor that my ex-husband installed with naïve ambitions, the original pine floor boards of my circa 1900 home, and any living being whether myself or my pet rat, Daisy. Everything from the most mundane to the most sublime of experiences – the nostalgic memorabilia clung to, bold chances ventured, enduring habits broken or unbroken, dilemmas confronted with and surmounted (or still trying or not), personal epiphanies enjoyed, mistakes seen in 20/20 hindsight, and all of the idiosyncratic imperfections of everyday life – are all viewed as the most beautiful, valuable and collectable works of art.

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