Polackvision (2005)

In the late 70’s, Polaroid launched their instant film camera called “Polarvision.” My aunt worked for Polariod at the time, so our family was able to acquire one of these cameras. At family gatherings at my grandfather’s house in Norwood, MA, we would set up the device, which we all called ‘Polackvision’ in reference to our Polish heritage, and film family members and friends acting foolishly. Common activities recorded by ‘Polackvision’ included mooning a Miss Piggy doll, zooming in for cleavage shots, gesturing with phallic shaped objects, using limes to signify nipples, and making lots of silly faces. In Polackvision, I utilize various props to act out scenes from ‘Polackvision’ footage, while the original film plays in the background.

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