Sunny Blue Plymouth (Losing My Virginity) (2010)

Sunny Blue Plymouth, performed at Fountain Art Fair Miami (2010) was a re-enactment of having sex with my first boyfriend (and guy I lost my virginity to) in the back seat of my parents’ sky blue Plymouth at Diamond Hill State Park in Cumberland, RI when I was in high school. Diamond Hill was a popular site for my teen peers to hang out and hook up. It was amazingly quiet, and I remember that, aside from the music in your car (Jane’s Addiction was my favorite), and the sounds of couples in nearby cars, the only sound that you could hear was the intense pulsating pitch of the crickets.
For this performance, I purchased an actual Plymouth Acclaim in Miami, the same make and model of the car my parents had when I was in high school. As I wasn’t able to find one in sky blue, we painted the car in handicap blue and covered it in blue glitter. Jason, with the help of others, drove/pushed the car into the outdoor performance area at the Fountain Miami site, where played a video projection of the woods at Diamond Hill State Park and an immersive sound piece of crickets. Then, dressed in our 90’s Goth gear, Jason and I made silly teenage love in the backseat of the car to the sounds of Jane’s Addiction, The Cure, and Joy Division, while the audience peered in through the windows.

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