Third Grade (DUMBO)

As the original Third Grade installation and performance series was created in relation to the Brooklyn War Memorial space, it was impossible to recreate the work in precisely the same way at the DUMBO site. Therefore, I pulled together all of the elements of my work that I could find (--luckily most of my original drawings, as well as bulletin board materials, posters and other classroom paraphernalia were later located in trash bags--) and re-assembled them in a way that would take into consideration the environmental aspects of the new space, as well as comment on it as a site for the ‘restaging’ of the original censored show.
Instead of the three-walled open classroom space that was set up at the War Memorial, I opted to have an enclosed space construed of four walls, with a padlocked door. The interior of the space was laid out similarly to the original piece, however with slight changes, such as caution tape strewn around the classroom (referring to how our artwork was stored behind caution tape at Brooklyn College), and the addition of an ‘R’ in the bulletin board title “School is C(R)ool” to headline photos of our artworks damaged and stored in trash bags.
Posted on guard outside of my classroom was a CUNY Security Officer, dressed in an authentic uniform, checking visitor’s ID’s, having them sign in and out, and only allowing one audience member at a time. This referenced the manner in which Brooklyn College restricted access to our artworks. The pieces from the original Plan B show were kept in locked rooms at Brooklyn College, and when were finally allowed to see our works, about a week and a half after their unauthorized removal from the Brooklyn War Memorial, we had to present ID, sign in and out, and enter only one at a time escorted by a CUNY security officer. The added layer of the security guard, restricting free participation in the work, completely changed the viewing experience.

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