Turtle Cove: The New Game for Tomorrow, Today (2010)

For the "Wet" outdoor art exhibit in McCarren Park, I collaborated with rival player Jason Robert Bell, to present a new performance game called "Turtle Cove.”

During the piece, two single player teams, Team Alpha, played by Jason, and Team Omega, played by myself, each defended our team’s Turtlecove – a small water-filled crystal cup holding one tiny red ear turtle of the opposite gender.

The purpose of the game was for us each to defend our own cove while also attacking the other team’s cove and taking their turtle. The weapon of attack? A large rubber shuttlecock that had to be kept in the air while advancing towards the opponent’s Turtlecove.

A key aspect of the game was that the competing individuals must be a couple in love. Each lover could say (and basically do) whatever they wanted to get ahead in the game. A referee was on site during the game to call any foul plays.

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